PROGRAM 12th DrosEU workshop, Belgrade 13th and 14th of June 2022

12th DrosEU Workshop in Belgrade, 13-14 June 2022

All sessions are on Central European Time

12th DrosEU Workshop in Belgrade, 13-14 June 2022

All sessions are on Central European Time

Monday, 13 June 2022

Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 876 6019 4496                          Passcode: 187182

09:00              Welcome. Marina Stamenkovic-Radak

Brief introductions. Agenda overview. Pepi González & Thomas Flatt

09:30               Phenotyping Working Group session I. Esra Durmaz Mitchell

10:30               Coffee break

11:00               Phenotyping Working Group session II.

12:00               Lunch break

13:30               Phenotyping Working Group session III.

15:00               Short talk (15 min presentation and 5 min questions)

Alan Bergland, University of Virginia, USA (online): “Seasonally varying selection drives supergene-based adaptation in overwintering Drosophila

15:30               Coffee break

16.00               Short talks by DrosEU guests: (15 min presentation and 5 min questions)

Dragana Protic, University of Belgrade, School of Medicine: “Drosophila as a model for understanding and treatment of Fragile X syndrome”.

Slobodan Davidovic, University of Belgrade, IBISS: “Anthropogenic effect on genetic diversity in feral and managed honey bees in Serbian populations”.

17: 00              Citizen Science Project follow-up. Pepi González

17: 15              Free time

19:00              Conference dinner at @

19 Gospodar Jevremova Street           The cost is 20 euros per person.


Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 820 9339 2262                          Passcode: 027256

09:00               Sampling Working Group. Maaria Kankare (melanogaster), Cristina Vieira (simulans), Marina Stamenković-Radak (obscura group)

09:50               Drosophila melanogaster South American project. Alex Sanchez-Gracia (University of Barcelona) and Carlos Arboleda (Colombia National University)

10:00               Drosophila suzukii project. Nicolas Rode, CBGP ( Biological Center for Population Management, Montpellier, FR).

10:30               Coffee break

11:00               Short talks by DrosEU members (15 min presentations & 5 min questions)

Louise Camus (INRAE, FR): “Predicting the invasive potential of a species with genomic data: a case study on the crop pest Drosophila suzukii“.

Mathieu Gautier, INRAE, FR (online):“Fast detection and quantification of contaminant DNA in raw sequence data using k-mer screening: application to presumably D. suzukii public sequences”

12:00               Lunch break

13:30               Short talks by DrosEU members II (15 min presentation and 5 min questions)

Anna Grandchamp, Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity of Münster, Germany : “De novo gene emergence: A large-scale investigation of the enabling mutations”

Miriam Merenciano. UCB-1, Lyon. FR. “Study of sex gap longevity in Drosophila species”.

Michael Ritchie, University of St Andrews, UK (online): “Looking for evidence of antagonistic selection in a domestic fly population, or, is Kirkpatrick in my kitchen?”

Maria Bogaerts-Marquez (IBE, CBGP). Environmental variables driving adaptation in natural D. melanogaster populations

16:00               Coffee break

16:15               The future work of DrosEU. Pepi González & Thomas Flatt

General DrosEU business Pepi González & Thomas Flatt

17:15               End of the meeting

Departure, free time & self-organized dinner


Big thanks to Marina Stamenković Radak and her team for hosting us!