This is an extremely exciting time for population genomic studies. The recent advent of powerful next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques allows us to examine genetic variation at unprecedented scales, at the whole-genome level and with single nucleotide resolution.

To foster the integration and exchange of population genomic information and data, we have founded in 2013 the European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium (DrosEU), a collaborative consortium of scientists and laboratories interested in evolutionary genetics and genomics of Drosophila melanogaster. Our main objective is to cooperate closely in collecting, generating and analysing genomic and environmental data for numerous Drosophila populations across Europe (and beyond). While our initial focus is on sampling and analysis of the most tractable species, D. melanogaster, we also plan in the future to include related species such as D. simulans, D. subobscura (a model for climate change adaptation) and D. suzukii (a recent invasive pest species). Our long-term goal is to regularly sample and sequence Drosophila populations through both space and time in order to track their eco-evolutionary dynamics. We plan this to be a continuing multi-year effort. Importantly, many of the sampled populations are being kept as isofemale lines by the members of the consortium as a resource for phenotypic, functional (genotype-phenotype mapping) work.

A similar consortium already exists in the US: the Drosophila Real Time Evolution Consortium (Dros-RTEC), coordinated by Alan Bergland (University of Virginia), Dmitri Petrov (Stanford University) and Paul Schmidt (University of Pennsylvania). The goal of DrosEU is to extend and complement the North American efforts by implementing a similar initiative focused on Europe. We are closely collaborating with Dros-RTEC.

Funded by:

DrosEu Organization

DrosEU Main Organizational Committee

Josefa Gonzalez
Thomas Flatt
Martin Kapun

ESEB STN Steering Committee

Andrea Betancourt
Josefa Gonzalez
Mike Ritchie
Bas Zwaan
Thomas Flatt

Scientific Working Groups

Population Genetics. Coordinators: Thomas Flatt and Josefa González.

Members: all labs

Clinal and Seasonal Variation. Coordinator: Thomas Flatt.

Members: Thomas Flatt, Alan Bergland, Paul Schmidt, Josefa González, Marta Pascual, Montse Aguadé, Jorge Vieira, Maaria Kankare, Eran Tauber, Elena Pasyukova, Iryna Kozeretska, Mike Ritchie, Bas Zwaan, Banu Onder, Volker Loeschcke, Marina Stamenkovic, Hervé Colinet.

Microbiota. Coordinator: Fabian Staubach.

Members: Fabian Staubach , Iryna Kozeretska, Darren Obbard, Omar Rota, Bas Zwaan, Eran Tauber, Cristina Vieira, Marina Stamenkovic, Paul Schmidt, Marko Brankatschk, Hervé Colinet.

Transposable Elements. Coordinators: Cristina Vieira and Josefa González.

Members: Cristina Vieira, Josefa González, Pilar Garcia-Guerreiro, Iryna Kozeretska, Andrea Betancourt, Maaria Kankare.

NGS and Bioinformatics. Coordinators: Martin Kapun.

Members: Josefa González, Thomas Flatt, Alan Bergland, Fabian Staubach, Mike Ritchie, Roman Arguello, Sonja Grath.

Phenotyping and Functional Genetics. Coordinator: Jorge Vieira.

Members: Jorge Vieira, Thomas Flatt, Bas Zwaan, Banu Onder, Elena Pasyukova, Maaria Kankare, Eran Tauber, Cristina Vieira, Josefa González, Mike Ritchie, Volker Loeschcke, Marina Stamenkovic, Paul Schmidt, Elio Sucena, Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo, Frédéric Marion-Poll, Nico Posnien.

Transcriptomics and Protein Evolution. Coordinators: Nico Posnien and Erich Bornberg-Bauer.

Members: Maaria Kankare, Iryna Kozeretska, Catherine Montchamp, Cristina Vieira, Jorge Vieira, Thomas Flatt, Josefa González, Eran Tauber, Mike Ritchie, Sonja Grath, Elena Pasyukova, Nico Posnien, Bas Zwaan, John Parsch.

Drosophila suzukiiCoordinator: Omar Rota.

Members: Omar Rota, Cristina Vieira, Bas Zwaan, Marta Pascual, Khalid Khfif, Hervé Colinet.

Coordinator of Sample Processing/Extraction

Fabian Staubach

Coordinator of Fly Collections

Maaria Kankare

Funding Committee

Andrea Betancourt
Josefa Gonzalez
Eran Tauber
Thomas Flatt

Publication Committee


Data Management Committee