11th DrosEU workshop was carried out with a record number of participants

The 11th European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium (DrosEU) workshop was held using a virtual format on June 21st and 22nd 2021

81 scientists working in the field of evolutionary genetics and genomics of Drosophila attended the 11th DrosEU workshop to share their knowledge and results and thus open new opportunities to collaborate and cooperate closely between different laboratories. As the meeting was opened to anyone interested in this field, it offered the opportunity for interested research groups or single researchers to know more about what DrosEU is doing and to see the benefits of enrolling in the DrosEU network.

On June 21st, the workshop began with a brief introduction to the consortium conducted by Prof. Thomas Flatt and Dr. Josefa González. During the two days’ workshop, different members of the DrosEU network had the opportunity to present their results to the community in order to encourage a discussion and get new inputs. Besides, during the two days workshop, four working groups (Microbiota, Clinical and Seasonal, Phenotyping, and Sampling) had the opportunity to explain the results obtained during the last year and the main goals for the near future and thus providing a discussion space among all the participants in order to design a work map for future actions.

Program: 11th DrosEU Workshop Virtual, 21st-22nd June 2021

Organizers: Thomas Flatt and Pepi González

Monday, 21st June 202

15:00              Welcome. Thomas Flatt and Pepi González
Brief introductions. Agenda overview   

15:15               DrosEU communication and outreach. Pepi González

15:30               Microbiota Working Group. Fabian Staubach

15:45               Clinal/Seasonal Working Group Thomas Flatt:
DEST dataset. Alan Bergland.
DEST browser. Marta Coronado (González Lab) and Jesus Murga (Barbadilla Lab)
Environmental variables driving adaptation in the DEST dataset. Maria Bogaerts (González Lab)
General discussion and future plans

17:20               Break

17:30               Short talks by DrosEU members (15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes questions):
Joaquin Nunez (Bergland’s Lab). Overwintering demography of D. melanogaster
Elena Pasyukova. Naturally occurring polymorphisms in the regulatory regions of neuronal genes affects their transcription
Sonja Grath. Combining population genomics with genome editing: Towards an integrative view of different stresses in Drosophila
Katja Hoedjes. From single nucleotide polymorphisms to the evolution of lifespan and reproduction: a story on Eip75B

18:30               In memoriam Jean R. David (1931-2021). Amir Yassin and Patricia Gibert

19:00               End of day 1

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

15:00               Short talks by DrosEU members (15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes questions):
Eran Tauber. Mining the DrosEU data for molecular adaptations in circadian clock genes
Leeban Yusuf (Ritchie Lab). Divergence and introgression among the virilis clade of Drosophila
Flo Camus. Mitonuclear interactions modulate life-history traits in Drosophila melanogaster
Yesbol Manat (Abbot Lab). Change in the B-matrix as a result of female-limited X chromosome evolution

16:20               Phenotyping Working Group. Esra Durmaz and Thomas Flatt

17:00               Break

17:15               Sampling Working Group. Cristina Vieira

17:30               Compliance with Nagoya. Fabian Staubach

17:45               General DrosEU business Pepi González, Thomas Flatt and everyone
                        Updates on COST proposals and ideas for future funding opportunities
                        Future plans

19:00               End of the workshop

Thanks! to all the speakers and attendees!