UMR EGCE Evolution, Genomes, Comportement and Ecologie
CNRS - IRD - University Paris Saclay

Amir Yassin

Principal Investigator

Catherine Montchamp-Moreau

Emeritus researcher

Clément Gilbert


Aurélie Hua-Van


Héloïse Bastide


Erina A. Ferreira

PhD Student

Research interests:

We conduct a multidisciplinary approach of Drosophila evolution from genetics/genomics to ethology, ecology and systematics. In particular, we work on genetic conflicts, horizontal transfer of transposable elements and viruses, and the genomic basis of adaptation and speciation.

Research organisms:

Several species of Drosophilidae


Genome sequencing and assembly, transposable elements annotation, CRISPR\Cas9 genome editing, population genomics, phylogenetics, systematics, experimental evolution