Program of the 7th DrosEU workshop (Trento, Italy, 6-8 May 2018) now available

The 7th European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium (DrosEU) workshop was held on 6-8 May 2018 at the Fondazione Edmund Mach di San Michele all’Adige, Trento, Italy.

The workshop was hosted by Omar-Rota Stabelli and featured updates from our scientific working groups as well as discussions about our planned phenotyping effort in 2019. On the second day of the workshop, a public session with scientific talks was held, which provided an opportunity for non-consortium members to learn about DrosEU.

Thanks! to all attendees!

7th DrosEU meeting



Sala Convitto in Convitto Building, Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), San Michele all’Adige, Trento Province, Italy
6-7-8 May 2018

Sunday 6: Social in Trento

16:00 Visit of Trento Castle; all museums will be free on this day.

19:30 Dinner in Pedavena Brewery, Trento.  Book with Omar ASAP.

Monday 7: DrosEU network business in Sala convitto, FEM, San Michele

8:00 Meeting at Trento-Malé train station (trains at 8:12; 8.33; then every 1 hour).

9:30-13:00  General, outreach, workinggroups, transcriptomics

  • General updates on DrosEU  (Thomas Flatt , Martin Kapun, Josefa González)
  • DrosEU outreach efforts (Roberto Torres)
  • Updates from WGs: TE (Josefa González and Cristina Vieira),  Clinal (Martin Kapun and Sara), Microbiome (Fabian Staubach)
  • Discussion of transcriptomics (1h). (Nico’s slides)

13:00 Lunch in San Michele Cantine for DrosEU members

14:00-16:00 DrosEU Phenotyping and others

  • Discussion of phenotyping efforts (Everybody)
  • varia/miscellaneous (Everybody)
  • 16:00 Visit to cellar and wine tasting (Pinot, Schiava, Muller, Marzemino) 

17:00 Visit to Fondazione and countryside walk

19:00 Cable car from Mezzocorona to Spiazzi

Lunches, coffee brakes, winetastingare free and kindly supported by ESEB and FEM

8:  Fondazione Edmund Mach, San Michele allAdige, Italy Sala Convitto, FREE ENTRY

9:30-13:00  Population Genomics of Drosophila

  • 9:30 Alan Bergland (U. Virginia, US): Dros-RTEC:Tracking the tempo and mode of evolution over ecologically relevant temporal and spatial scales
  • 10:30 Martin Kapun (Fribourg, CH) : DrosEU:Genomics analysis of European  D. melanogaster on a dense spatial scale
  • 11:00 Pepi González (Barcelona, ES): Population genomics of transposable elements
  • 11:30 Thomas Flatt (Fribourg, CH): Genetics of Life-HistoryClines
  • 12:00 Cristina Vieira (Lyon, F): Exploring intraspecific compatibility in Drosophila
  • 12:30 SvitlanaSerga (Kiev, Ukraine): Wolbachia in Drosophila populations from Ukraine
  • 13:00-14:30 Lunch break (free for DrosEU members in FEM cantine)

14:30-18:00 Evolution and Genetics in Drosophilids and other organisms

  • 14:30 Marina Stamenkovic-Radak (Zagreb, KR) : Obscure work with Obscura specie
  • 15:00 BasZwaan (Wageningen, NL) : Causes and consequences of genetic variation
  • 15:30 Nicola Cook (St. Andrews, UK): The genetic basis of cold tolerance in Drosophila
  • 16:00 Hervè Colinet(Rennnes,F): Thermal acclimation responses in Drosophila flies using Omics
  • 17:00 Manolis  Ladoukakis(Creete, GR):  Study of mtDNA heteroplasmy in Drosophila
  • 17:30 Kun Hunag(FEM):  Comparative and population genomics of Drosophila and its Wolbachia
  • 18:00 Valerio Mazzoni (FEM): Evolution of vibrational communication on the Drosophila phylogeny

18:30  Evening seminar (Sala Degustazione): The evolution of the aperitive using population genetics allegories by Omar Rota Stabelli and Lino Ometto. Accompanied by comparative-spritz and speck (21:09 last Trento-Malé train to Trento).Program of the 7th DrosEU workshop (Trento, Italy, 6-8 May 2018)