Hrcek Lab – Community Ecology & Evolution
Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences

Jan Hrcek

Principal investigator

Vincent Montbel

PhD Student

Vid Bakovic

Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests:

We work on the interface of community ecology and population genetics, focusing on: 1) maintenance of genetic variation in populations, 2) maintenance of species diversity in communities, 3) eco-evolutionary dynamics, 4) evolution under multiple selective pressures, 5) response of communities to global change, and 6) control of Drosophila populations by parasitoids.

Research organisms:

Drosophila melanogaster, Drosophila species community from Australian rainforest, parasitoids of Drosophila (parasitic wasps).


Parasitoid resistance, microcosm experiments, experimental community evolution, Drosophila-parasitoid food web surveys.