Flatt Group – Evolution & Mechanisms of Life History and Aging
University of Fribourg

Thomas Flatt

Principal Investigator - Professor

Esra Durmaz

Post Doctoral Researcher

Envel Kerdaffrec

Post Doctoral Researcher

Margot Paris

Post Doctoral Researcher

Research interests:

(1) Genomic basis of life history adaptation; endocrine mechanisms of trade-offs; (2) Evolutionary genetics of aging and longevity; (3) Genomics of clinal variation, climate adaptation, and inversion clines; (4) “Evolve & resequence” experiments.

Research organisms:

Drosophila melanogaster.


Life history & aging assays; insulin signaling and endocrine physiology; immunity; clinal variation; inversion polymorphisms; DNA pool-seq; RNA-seq; population genomics; identifying and functionally testing adaptive polymorphisms; experimental evolution.