11th DrosEU workshop was carried out with a record number of participants

The 11th European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium (DrosEU) workshop was held using a virtual format on June 21st and 22nd 2021 81 scientists working in the field of evolutionary genetics and genomics of Drosophila attended the 11th DrosEU workshop to share their knowledge and results and thus open new opportunities to collaborate and cooperate closelycontinue …

10th DrosEU Workshop in Lisbon, 24-25 February 2020

10th DrosEU Workshop in Lisbon, 24-25 February 2020 Meeting venue The meeting will take place at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) in Oeiras, a village by the sea 20 km away from Lisbon. Address of the IGC: Rua da Quinta Grande, 6, Oeiras How to get from Lisbon Airport to Oeiras? By public transportation,continue …

DrosEU/ ESEB STN Summer School on Adaptation Genomics

The DrosEU/ ESEB STN Summer School on Adaptation Genomics, took place on 23-24 August 2018 at the CNRS campus in Montpellier, right after the Evolution 2018 meeting (https://evolutionmontpellier2018.org/). By bringing together empiricists and theoreticians working on different model systems and using different approaches, this meeting promoted fruitful discussions and allowed identifying new avenues for the studycontinue …

Sampling season 2017

Sampling season 2017 has just started. We aim to collect D. melanogaster males into EtOH, approx. 30-40 (50) flies in one pool  for DNA extractions and subsequent sequencing. Members of the DrosEU consortium do an effort to collect flies for a minimum of 1 geographic location and 2 time points (once in summer and once incontinue …

Upcoming event – ESEB 2017 Satellite Workshop in Groningen

The next DrosEU workshop will take place as a satellite discussion workshop on Drosophila population genomics and evolution, held during the ESEB 2017 meeting in Groningen (16th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, 20-25 August 2017; Groningen, The Netherlands; https://www.eseb2017.nl). The workshop will be held on Thursday 24 August in the afternoon; pleasecontinue …

5th DrosEU workshop at IGB (Lisbon)

On the 14th and 15th November the 5th DrosEU workshop took place at the Institute Gulbenkian de Ciência in Lisbon (Portugal) hosted by Elio Sucena. During this workshop, several topics where assessed, such us quality of the sequencing data from the 2015 fly samples, and an overview of the 2016 collections. The working groups also sharedcontinue …

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