UMR EGCE "Evolution, Genomes, Comportement & Ecologie"
CNRS, Université Paris Sud-Paris Saclay, IRD

Catherine Montchamp-Moreau

Head of Laboratory

Cécile Courret

Clément Gilbert

Research interests:

We conduct a multidisciplinary approach of evolution and biodiversity at different scales: from genetics/genomics to ethology and ecology, from genomes to species and communities. We focus on interactions at different levels: within genome, between genomes and the environment, between individuals and between species.

Research organisms:

Insects: Drosophila, bees, insects vector for pathogens, pest insects and their antagonists.

Fishes: model species (dogfish, Danio rero, Astyanax mexicanus), species of conservation concern.

Amphibians: Xenopus.


Experimental evolution (Drosophila), phenotypic (behavior in particular) tests, extracellular electrophysiology.

Bioinformatics (including software development) with focus on diversity and evolution of viruses and transposable element.