Flatt Group – Evolution & Mechanisms of Life History and Aging
University of Fribourg

Thomas Flatt

Principal Investigator

Georgios Katsianis

Esra Durmaz

Post Doctoral Researcher

Katja Hoedjes

Post Doctoral Researcher

Envel Kerdaffrec

Margot Paris

Research interests:

(1) Genomic basis of life history adaptation; endocrine mechanisms of trade-offs; (2) Evolutionary genetics of aging and longevity; (3) Genomics of clinal variation, climate adaptation, and inversion clines; (4) “Evolve & resequence” experiments.

Research organisms:

Drosophila melanogaster.


Life history & aging assays; insulin signaling and endocrine physiology; immunity; clinal variation; inversion polymorphisms; DNA pool-seq; RNA-seq; population genomics; identifying and functionally testing adaptive polymorphisms; experimental evolution.